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The neighborhood of Buckingham is known for liquor stores. It sits on the border of Richardson and Lake Highlands and was once a city within a city before Richardson annexed it in 1996. There was a long, contentious relationship between the two communities and few people know that Buckingham even exists. More about here

In 1984, the town voted to sell liquor, which increased its revenue. Cars crowded Abrams Road, and residents of neighboring, dry Richardson sought out liquor. The town was unable to handle the growth, however, and ultimately filed for bankruptcy in 1987. Kendall and other attorneys then stepped in and bought the town from bankruptcy. Learn more

Buckingham’s population has a diverse range of ancestry. Many residents report Asian, Sub-Saharan African, and German heritage. Compared to other neighborhoods in the U.S., Buckingham has a higher proportion of people of African descent. However, residents also report German and Mexican ancestry.

Located within a 20-minute drive of Dallas, the community is close to the city’s major attractions. North Park Mall, the Dallas Arboretum, and Southern Methodist University are all within a short distance of Buckingham. The area is also home to major technology and medical employers. In addition, several schools are within a 15-minute drive of the community.

George P. Bush is running for attorney general in the next election. He’s backed by former Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller. Other potential candidates include state Sen. Brandon Creighton, a Texas Republican, but a spokesperson for the senator said he was focused on legislative issues. The General Land Office oversees investments in public education and operates the Alamo Cenotah.

A rising average temperature in Buckingham increases the risk of heat events and heat waves. Heat waves are defined as 3 days or more in the same calendar year. A heat wave in Buckingham occurs when temperatures reach 109oF or more. The chances of a three-day heat wave in Buckingham was only 11% 30 years ago.

While Bush did not fulfill the role of Land Commissioner, the next Land Commissioner needs to be a conservative who can make sure the General Land Office follows conservative values and policies. The state of Texas is blessed with some of the world’s largest oil and natural gas reserves. There are many opportunities to take advantage of these resources in order to become more energy independent.