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Marketing strategy vs content strategy.

Content strategy involves planning, creating, and distributing content. Unlike marketing strategy, which focuses on a specific campaign or goal, content marketing aims to create content that engages your audience and helps you reach your goals. It defines what content to create and distribute, identifies the audience you are targeting, and measures your success. More about here

Content strategy should be focused on topics that relate to your brand’s areas of expertise and target audience. It should also focus on addressing specific questions and concerns that your buyer is likely to have. Using buyer personas is also important, since each segment has different needs and goals. By carefully mapping content to each buyer persona, you can be sure that your content will be relevant to each segment and buyer persona. Content should also be developed in multiple formats, with distinct calls to action.  Learn More about here

Content strategy must be tailored to the different channels that your business uses to reach its target audience. Each channel has its own unique characteristics, usage patterns, and content delivery requirements. For example, Twitter is not the same as LinkedIn, and a webinar is not the same as a trade show. Moreover, it should focus on making sure that the content you create is easily accessible to your target audience. This can be accomplished through creating, curating, or sourcing content, or it can be a combination of these strategies.